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Living Nativity Scene with 100 Figures in the village of Rivalta

The charm of the ancient village of Rivalta excites. The settlement has, in fact, kept intact, in its structure, a scenography of extraordinary beauty which welcomes settings reminiscent of period costumes. Don Sandro Civardi grasped this special vocation of the town when he created the Rivalta Living Nativity Scene, the edition of which was staged on Christmas Eve 1991 together with the parishioners and Count Orazio Zanardi Landi. A parish priest who transmitted so much to his parishioners, who is still remembered today for his memorable sermons.

Like all significant experiences, the "Living Nativity Scene of Rivalta" has become a classic event with more than 100 participants on the evening of December 24th:

  • 10.20pm entry into the village for figures of ancient professions and shepherds;

  • 10.30pm procession of the High Priest;

  • 10.45pm King Herod's procession leaves the castle;

  • 11.10pm the Censor sets off for the census site;

  • 11.10 pm the Three Wise Men visit the astrologer;

  • 11.30 pm Maria and Giuseppe arrive with the donkey;

  • 11.50 pm all the characters go to the Church for the Holy Mass.

  • At the end of the Mass everyone goes to the hut to visit Baby Jesus.

There will be no shortage of representatives of ancient professions carefully reconstructed from studies of habits and customs: carpenters, chicken sellers, blacksmiths, potter, decorators, weavers, spinners, King Herod's concubines and many others illuminated in the alleys by torches and torches.

The village will be transformed into a small Bethlehem, where mulled wine, tea, a miraculous herbal tea from the herbalist and bread of peace from the bakers will be served in exchange for a free offering. Entrance is also free.

The event will take place even in case of bad weather.

Guided tours themed "Christmas Traditions at Rivalta Castle" on Sunday 24 December 2023 at 10.30am, 12.00pm, 2.00pm, 4.40pm and 6.00pm.

Duration of the visit: approximately 80 minutes.

Guided tours of the manor with paid entrance: 14 Euros.

Large, illuminated and free car parks.

After the visits, it is possible to book breakfasts, lunches, aperitifs and dinners at the "Caffè di Rivalta" or "Antica Locanda del Falco" or "La Rocchetta".

Reservations for visits and dinners required:

Giulia Pilotta 3392987892

Nearest parking: 200 m
How to get there: Piacenza Sud exit towards Gazzola/Gossolengo

Wi-Fi service in the Castle/Museum/Square: present.

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