The Castle of Rivalta can be ‘yours for a day’ on occasion of: conferences; meetings; conventions; seminars; black tie events; team building activities; exhibitions; filming; presentations; and many other occasions.


This area was anciently used as stables, and it is constituted by a great hall built in the seventeenth century and other adjacent rooms. This area is decorated by coats of arms, fireplaces, vintage furniture, and tapestries, making it ideal for weddings, conventions, and exhibitions.

Examples of Team Building Activity


This is a team building activity in which the participants will take place in the investigation of a murder. The participants will be taken on a tour of the castle during which the events will unfold. The participants will collect clues and assist to key-scenes of the story, and will have to formulate an hypothesis on the identity of the assassin, their motivation, and the weapon used. For a group of between 10 and 30 participants, and for the duration of between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

Cooking Classes

This activity takes place at the La Rocchetta Restaurant, and will involve the preparation of a typical Piacentine dish such as pisarei e fasò (homemade past with beans) or spinach and ricotta tortelli. The participants will eventually eat the dishes prepared.

Number of participants: between 4 and 20

Duration: 1 hour

Dinner and a Murder

This interactive activity takes place during dinner and involve six actors (a detective, a victim, and four suspects). Participants will be able to interact with the actors in order to collect clues. Various historical settings are available.

Participants: 25-70

Duration: 2.30 hours

Bar Contest

This team building activity involves two or more teams will compete against each other to prepare the best cocktail of the evening, which will be judged depending on taste, colour, look, and other parameters. Every team will have to provide a name for their creation and submit their cocktail to the barman, who will choose a winner.

Participants: from 4 to 20

Duration: 1 hour

Participants will have to answer questions of various nature (from general culture do sports) and participate in activities such as darts, impressions, singing, riddles, and much more.

Participants: 10 to 25

Duration: 2 hours

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